Independence Street Table
With a series of designs in mind for a large dining table, I happened upon a gorgeous slab of mesquite on Calle Independencia in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. At nearly 8' long, it would be perfect for my client's dining room. The craftsman agreed to mill the slab and bevel the bottom to my design, and several weeks later, I made the drive back to Mexico to pick up the nearly 300 lb. table top. Clean, elegant metal legs were designed to not detract from the slab, and welded to a base substantial enough to support the weight. A neutral color was chosen to compliment the Mesquite. The final dimensions are 7' x 3' wide, providing space for 6 - 8 people to eat, drink, work, and play their favorite game.
The underside of the table is beveled from the edge, down 2 inches to the 1' x 5' base plate connecting the legs.
While I did want clean sharp edges, we were careful not to hide the identity of the material.
1 inch solid steel round bar was used for the legs to allow it to support the weight of the table while retainig the delicate curved design of the feet..
Photos by Scott Ball